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Introducing Kabby Community!

Hello Passions fans! Are you a Passions fan, that just loves Kay and Tabitha together as a team? If so then you are definatly a Kabby! Come join the Kabby's today! Together we can rid the world of Charity, and cause much Disharmony!

wow, I haven't been here in a while. I still adore Fox so much too. He's the hottest guy, way hotter than Miguel or anyone on there!

So what do you guys think of what's going on with him, and the whole Whitney, and Theresa?
I think Whitney is falling in love with him. She seems so dissapointed about Theresa claiming Fox as hers. WOW!
Who could blame them. Hey Fox just take both of them, you so hot so very sizzlin' that I would totally share you.
bt hey that's just me I guess... blush hehe
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i think fox is fuckin hot. lol. wow. he should be with whitney who he loves
i think fox is fuckin hot. lol. wow. he should be with whitney who he loves
Actually, I think that Whitney should forget about Fox because that development in the storyline just makes things more confusing. I thought things were complex enough with Fox-Theresa-Ethan-Gwen.

On the point of Fox and Theresa, I think Theresa should have both Fox and Ethan.

And you know actually, I think everybody would be happy if they all just agreed to be swingers (though, it's not something I'd actually want to see).